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Brooke Suter

For 25 years, Brooke Suter has built broad-based coalitions that shifted the status quo, empowered citizens and enabled passage of nationally precedent-setting environmental legislation, regulation and incentive-based programs in the U.S.  Policy areas included reducing climate change, mercury, diesel, power plant and water pollution. Most recently, she was the National Campaign Director for the Clean Air Task Force and the national coordinator for the Diesel Clean-Up Campaign, supervising policy and strategic work in 50 U.S. states and on the federal level.   As a researcher, consultant and thought leader she is currently investigating how we can use organizational integration of sustainability systems thinking to shift the underlying status quo. Select projects include: (1) Better integrating sustainability systems thinking into policy coursework and culture at the Harvard Kennedy School, (2) Applying MIT’s U Theory to sustainability approaches, (3) Assessing policy paths that can reflect the social cost of carbon, (4) Developing accessible experiences and metrics that help people grasp sustainability, such as, and, (5) Establishing “Sustainable Leadership to Thrive” to support both personal and professional sustainability practices.