* What is SCC’s process for Online Dialogues?

With our cohorts and dialogues, SCC is pioneering a modular process that can be applied to any relevant theme or topic of interest to sustainability educators. Individuals and/or teams from different institutions opt in to SCC cohorts and dialogues in a “consortium approach,” with a shared participation fee, a shared understanding of the group’s goals, and a commitment to engage with best efforts and in a good faith. All participants will benefit from the peer-to-peer exchange, individualized attention from expert group leaders, and will share in the co-created results of the process. Our Online Dialogue process combines four components into an integrated 6-8 week process:

  • key background readings,
  • expert-led webinars on GoToWebinar,
  • interactive follow-on Q&A sessions on Collaborase™, and
  • the co-creation of a deliverable (e.g., a synthesis document or syllabus)

Our innovative approach to online cohorts and dialogues will be applied to topics across the three SCC themes of pedagogy, content and leadership. Our cohorts and dialogues will offer sustainability educators a quick and credible means to become conversant with specific aspects of pedagogy, basic core topics, and emerging trends to keep pace with developments in education for sustainable development (ESD).