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Rosanna Marie Neil

Rosanna Marie Neil is the Director of the Sustainable World Initiative, an advocacy program at the Population Institute. A Jamaican native, Ms. Neil earned a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism at Howard University and a JD degree at Harvard Law School. Her legal studies had a strong emphasis on international human rights and involved advocacy work in South Africa, Argentina and Australia.  Prior to joining the Sustainable World Initiative, Ms. Neil spent five years practicing law in Washington, DC. She began her career as an attorney at a civil rights organization, and later worked in private practice at two global law firms. She has since devoted her career to advocating for environmental, social and economic sustainability in the non-profit sector. The Sustainable World Initiative (SWI) is dedicated to educating political leaders and the public about the global sustainability challenge and making policy recommendations for balancing human development with the sustainable supply of natural resources. As Director, Rosanna leads the organization’s advocacy efforts and collaborate with scientific experts to quantify and assess human demands for fresh water, energy and biologically productive space and compare them to the resource capacity of different countries and the planet as a whole.