SCC Curriculum Dialogue

We are announcing the launch of the SCC Curriculum Dialogue. Following the SCC Faculty Conference in Philadelphia on June 26-27, the SCC team carefully reviewed feedback from the attendees, including a request for a mechanism to facilitate an ongoing discussion. The conference included a well-received session on “Sorting Curriculum at the 100, 300, and 500 Levels,”  in which presenters offered 4 different perspectives.  The suggestion was made that we continue that discussion in greater detail. We agreed. Therefore, in October 2017 we will convene an online dialogue focused on curricular options. The dialogue will be structured and facilitated by several SCC Advisory Council members as well as presenters from the SCC Faculty Conference.

To receive an invitation which will allow you to opt-in to the SCC Curriculum Dialogue (to be convened on our Collaborase platform) please use the sign-up form here.