Creating Coherence

First webinar in the series “Mauō: the perpetuation of Well-Being”
with Krista Hiser, Professor of Composition and System Sustainability Curriculum Coordinator, University of Hawaii System
November 28, 2016 at 3:00 pm EST

November 28, 2016 at 3:00 pm EST

Mauō Webinar, “Beyond Green Workforce” (sharing new conceptualizations of educating for sustainability careers in Hawaii)

Mauō Webinar, “Island Sustainability” reports from the 5th annual Hawaii Sustainability in Higher Education Summit, focusing on the meeting of wisdoms, where indigenous and global perspectives on sustainability meet.

Mauo Webinar “Creating Coherence: Implementing a System-Level S Designation,”  (December 12, 2016) Krista Hiser tells the epic tale of a ten year implementation of a system-wide designation for sustainability-focused courses. Any campus implementing or considering implementing similar STARS-based criteria at a campus or system level will relate to the ups, downs, and details of an S Designation. The UH system is currently benchmarking courses throughout the system with a goal to catalyze a rapid diffusion of sustainability content, pedagogy, research, and cultural and community engagement.
This webinar is the first in a three-part series to be led by Krista Hiser, based on sustainability curricula at the University of Hawaii’s ten-campus system. In 2015, President David Lassner signed Executive Policy 4.202. This series presents the story of how this policy helped catalyze a rapid diffusion of sustainability content, pedagogy, and cultural and community engagement.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the webinar, “Creating Coherence,” originally scheduled for Monday, November 28  at 3:00 pm Eastern, has been rescheduled for Monday, December 12 at 3:00 pm Eastern.  Pre-register for December 12 at the link below.  If you had already pre-registered for November 28, you do not need to re-register and you will automatically receive login details by email before the webinar on December 12.

Look for further details about the webinars in future SCC updates.  Click here to pre-register for “Creating Coherence” with Krista Hiser (December 12, 2016).

Teaching for Sustainability: Curriculum Integration, Instructional Design, and Emerging Faculty Cohorts

Pedagogy follow-up activity with Susan Santone and Jess Gerrior
November 30, 2016 at 3:00 pm EST

SCC will be following up our successful sustainability pedagogy webinar series by launching an interactive online forum for higher ed teaching professionals. As our next step in that direction, please attend this next webinar, in which we will lead a cohort-style discussion on faculty-identified issues that emerged in our AASHE 2016 conference session around the three main themes – content, pedagogy, and leadership. We’ll draw on your questions and experiences to generate a facilitated dialogue among colleagues, also including insights from conversations between Susan Santone (SCC Advisory Council member) and Jess Gerrior (SCC Director of Learning & Practice). Susan will provide her expert overview of curriculum integration and instructional design, and Jess will introduce SCC’s plans for 2017, including the development of our cohort model and skilled support for institutional sustainability education efforts.  Participation by pairs or teams of colleagues is encouraged.
Click here to pre-register for “Teaching for Sustainability” with Susan Santone and Jess Gerrior (November 30, 2016).

Stop ‘Dooming & Glooming’: Engage Students in Solutions

Timely perspectives on climate and policy with Debra Rowe
December 5, 2016 at 2:00 pm EST

Debra Rowe has long been recognized as one of the leaders in the sustainability in higher education movement in the US.  Her tireless work for our community of practice has been an inspiration for us all. Debra has agreed to share her perspectives on the current state of ESD at this critical juncture, especially with respect to climate policy after the Paris Agreement and the transition to the Trump administration. Pre-register now to participate in this compelling dialogue to move beyond the “doom and gloom.”

Click here to pre-register for “Stop ‘Dooming & Glooming'” with Debra Rowe (December 5, 2016).